Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Tales from the Fringe #1 - WildStorm

This isn't actually where this book fits into things . . chronologically speaking . . it came out on June 26th, but . . I had an open spot here so I thought I'd put it in. I usually don't go in for these comic-book adaptations . . whether they be TV series or movies. They just always seem to let me down. The only one that even came close to success was Topp's - X-Files book. At least in my opinion. But when I ended up picking up the photo-cover variant on E-Bay for $1.99, it just seemed serendipitous. Plus . . I really, really like this series on TV. I didn't post anything about it last year when it came out, but . . maybe I will this year. I was also thinking about doing the Big Bang Theory. I thought I'd give it a nod. Especially since it does such a consistent job of recognizing our little hobby . . and the whole science-fiction genre. Plus . . it's really good also. Anyways, it appears that this series is set up as a way of giving us some background stories on some of our characters. In the first story we see, what I think is an earlier story of Peter Bishop. We don't know a lot about his history before he joined up with Olivia and his father, but . . apparently he was a shyster . . a con man. Always looking for the next big score, and the quick pay-off. But he's always been extremely intelligent. Which is why I think the scams came so easy to him. He approached them from ways that other people hadn't thought of, so . . they were less likely to suspect that he was scamming them in the first place . . until it was to late. Anyways, we see him in Iraq where he's at the receiving end of one group that he owes money to, while he's trying to get into another deal by passing himself off as a pipe-line engineer. It appears that he also has always had this altruistic streak, as he's trying to help a man who's been asked to die for his faith. In the end Peter unfortunately ends up covering his own bets, while failing to help the man he promised to. It appears that at this time in his life he had good intentions, but not the character or fortitude to follow through with them. It was an interesting story, and it certainly didn't end the way I expected it to. It's brought to us by Justin Doble & Adam Gaines on scripts, with Federico Dallocchio doing the art. In the second story we see what happens to a girl who takes a really strange trip. She's given some strange drugs by her boyfriend, at a party, and apparently slips into the future. She finds herself about 10 years older, a trained assassin, and smack in the middle of an operation. The next steps she takes, after leaving the party a little freaked . . lead her right into the arms of the man she saw in her future vision. Although she doesn't know that yet because he hit her with his car. I'm not sure what this has to do with Fringe, but . . it was an ok story. It just didn't feature any of our main characters. I thought that was a little odd. Anyways, it's by Alex Katsnelson and Shawn Moll. For the first issue, it was . . ok. But, in my opinion, nothing to get to excited about. Well see if I pick up the second issue or not. I don't know yet. It depends on if I can find it somewhere . . cheap!

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