Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hellblazer #268 - Vertigo

John just seems to be sinking deeper and deeper into this cesspool of insanity. However, he did have a lucid moment last issue where he tried to contact Shade . . the changing man. He didn't show up yet, but . . the invitation is out there. However, we do find out this issue that he is indeed being set up. There are 2 orderlies that always seem to show up when he needs subdued, and they also give him his medications. After thinking about taking off his arm, he once again has a lucid moment and lures them into the room so that he can steal their keys. After he bolts, one of the orderlies calls somebody to tell them, 'He's out.' But John just ends up in one of the surgery rooms and once again tries to remove his arm. 'I'd move faster without this arm attached to me. This alien thing weighing me down. Don't know how I've lived this long with something so abhorrent glued to my shoulder.' But after trying, he decides to go for a smaller sacrifice . . his thumb. He wakes up in the surgery ward, not remembering what happened. But then he notices the piece of his thumb missing. The doctor tells him, 'I'm afraid it's bad news. Your thumb. We tried to graft it back onto your hand . . but it wouldn't take. Your blood kept acting strangely, you see. Congealing then . . changing . .' Which is when John becomes really agitated. 'That'll be the demon in my blood. Where is it? My thumb. WHERE IS IT!?' We see one of those orderlies walking out with it like he's just garnered some prize. Meanwhile, while all of this is going on, Shade has made contact with Lenny Shapiro. Apparently she's someone that he's used before. And through her, he finally makes contact with John. He also makes contact with one of the guys in the ward with John. The issue ends with him going out into the courtyard to find Shade in, of all places, a tree. 'Thank you, Lenny. All right, Constantine, kiss me. You called me. You pleaded with me to come. Now kiss me. The mouth, please.' And Epiphany has a bit of trouble with her ex, Carew. Really, he just makes an appearance, but I'm wondering if he might be the guy behind all of this, because of John's involvement with her. I don't know. Hopefully we'll find out next issue. Now that Shade is involved. I love Peter Milligan's stories in this book. He's already a fantastic writer. But on this title he seems to let his inhibitions out. This character seems to have that effect on a lot of people. And Giuseppe Camuncoli is the perfect artist for this series. He really brings a great feel to this book. Also, don't forget about the Simon Bisley cover . . fan-frikkin-tastic!

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