Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wolverine Origins #49 - Marvel

This is it . . the next to the last issue of this book. And it appears that after everything that Logan went through, he's decided to go back to his beginnings and start all over again. And with this repeat of the cycle . . something that he's done over and over again, he's also decided to start anew . . forge a different path. There's only one problem . . his Weapon X programming. All the programming and deprogramming that's been done to him over the years . . as he's trying to change paths, it begins to fight back. He's been doing this . . repeating his cycle over, and over, and over again for almost a century now. So it would be trivializing it to say that it's ingrained. Actually . . it's who he is. Whether he wants to accept it or not isn't really the point. Whether he can change it or not is. And his old world isn't going to let go of him without a fight. He's haunted by many ghosts this issue including Nick Fury, Daken, Romulus, Sabretooth, Bando Saburo, Itsu . . and they all seem to be fighting against him . . antagonizing him . . ultimately, controlling him. At the end of the issue, he seems to come out of his haze to discover that he's been repeatedly stabbing the real Nick Fury. Or at least . . that's what it looks like. I guess we'll have to wait until the next issue . . the final issue, to see what's really going on. I thought this was a great story by Daniel Way, with some incredible art by Will Conrad. This has been my favorite Wolverine book for quite a while now. So I'm really sad to see it go. However, there's a whole lot of stuff on the horizon, so . . maybe I'll find a new favorite. Also . . this is a beautiful cover by Simone Bianchi.

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