Sunday, June 27, 2010

Magog #10 - DC

So, this whole story comes down to an 'entity' that's headed towards Earth. As explained to Magog by Col. Tomorrow of the Planeteers, 'We call it the Mass. A sentient organism roughly the size of Mercury. Apparently it's cellular structure is incapable of reproduction as we understand such. That's why it hunts replenishment. The mass Continuously bleeds off clouds of technorganic nanobots. Each nanobot is programmed to seek out, lock onto and track to source. Any roaming signal will do, radio, wireless, you name it. Once a world is targeted . . developing worlds for the most part . . the nanobot settles in, reproduces . . and monitors for however long it takes. The damn things've probably been monitoring Earth for decades waiting for the trigger event. The Ethernet.' It then uses that 'connection' to take control of the organic matter. In our case . . humans. They then move on to harvesting. You can imagine what that entails. So, they've brought Magog along, he assumes, to fight it off. Which, in a way, is true. But really all they want him to do is stand up to it. Col. Tomorrow is convinced that given enough time, the mass will use it's intelligence to put the pieces together. And what might those pieces be? One, that Magog is a demigod that is living among the humans. And two that he took on and defeated a real god . . Gog. So once it puts the pieces together, coupled with Magog's resistance when it tries to attack him . . basically, it turns tail and runs. In the end . . it's scared of Magog. Which really gives David Reid something to think about. But in the end, when another crisis arises, David thinks . . 'I may not know what I'm turning into, but I damn well know who I am. David Reid, former Lance Corporal US Marines . . aka, Magog. I can live with that. For now. Or die with it, just the same.' And by that, I think he means . . should he become something that's a threat to the human race, or the world. He's enjoying, and taking advantage of the enhancements offered him by being Magog. But he also has to think that should he become fully 'converted', Magog's goals or agenda may not be the same as his own. It's a good thing that he's got Axel to keep him grounded. I've been questioning this book, and this character, since the beginning. But the character that Keith Giffen shows us at the end here . . the one concerned about 'what he's becoming', that's a character that can keep me coming back to this book. I also think that this chapter served to reintroduce Tommy Tomorrow and the Planeteers to the DC Universe. All in all, I was happy with the way this story ended. I like the new look that we have into the characters ego, or id. I like that David isn't just rolling with things, without asking questions. I also enjoyed Tom Derenick's art. Next issue Scott Kolins comes on board. And things start to happen that convince David that Kingdom Come may be just over the horizon. Not a pleasant thought.

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