Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wolverine Weapon X #14 - Marvel

Now this little time-travelling drama, I thought, was a bit more confusing that the last post. We find out that the main Deathlok that is causing so much problem in the past is this psychopath who was born and raised in Dunwich Sanatorium. Or . . so he's been led to believe. Anyways, Roxxon finds him and recruits him for their Deathlok program. I'm sorry, they call them Peaceloks. Yeah! Right! Anyways, for 20 year this guy was a killing machine, and now . . now he works for Roxxon. Of course they had to kill him and turn him into a cyborg, but . . his consciousness is still in there fighting with his computer controls. Anyways, long story short, he's in the past trying to kill his list of targets, while Wolverine is trying to stop him. Wolverine's got the help of some of his pals, plus . . there's a woman, Miranda, that seems to be getting visions of the future and knows where the Deathlok's are going to strike. But this time she gets a new vision of the future and finds this psychopath before he was turned into a Deathlok, and is still just a kid. She's threatening to kill him, which would stop this guys rampage. However, I have to ask, if he was born and raised in the Sanatorium, why does she find the kid a Youth Development Center? Anyways, this story bounces back and forth from the future to the present quite a bit. Which makes it all more than a little confusing. I know that the ultimate goal is for Roxxon to achieve their world-wide supremacy, but . . it seems like there's more that's going on than just that. Hopefully Jason Aaron and Ron Garney will wrap up this story-line next issue so that we can then head into the final issue unencumbered. I liked this title, but . . I'm glad that we're going down to just one Wolverine book. At least . . for now. We'll get a little respite before the entire line is unrolled. 'The future's so bright I gotta' wear shades.'

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