Friday, June 18, 2010

Titans #24 - DC

Well, with this issue . . apparently Wilson and his 'Titans' have taken over the mantle. Although, I don't think either the Titans, or the Teen Titans really know that yet. Plus, I hate to say it, but the Titans team really is no more. Most of them are either in the JLA now, or off on their own someplace. Like Kory . . traveling through the DC Universe. Anyways, it appears the Titans have also taken on their first 'job'. Remember, they're 'Heroes', or 'Villains' (?) for hire now. And their first target? Lex Luthor. These guys haven't been together long, and it seems like Slade kind of throws them together this issue for this mission. They don't really seem prepared. But . . that's kind of the point. Apparently Luthor has a traitor in his midst. He wants to find out who it is. Luthor tries to figure out who it is, but he's hired Slade to flush them out . . should his own persuasion fail. Which is does. Anyways, the point of them not really working cohesively is to minimize the risk of one of them actually taking out the target. They don't know that they're actually here to help Luthor . . not kill him. So they go at his limo, and security with great enthusiasm. They don't really accomplish much. That is until Cinder decides that she's done playing and blows up Luthor's car. But by then Luthor and Nava, his new assistant, as well as the 3 men that are suspect have taken to the sewers. It appears that Nava is the traitor and she's about to shoot Luthor . . until Slade shows up and shoots her in the head. But even that doesn't keep her down. On the final page we see her pop back up. 'He won't make it out of the sewers alive . . Facade always completes an assignment!' Ok, so . . who is Facade? It looks like we have a couple of things to figure out here. I thought this was a pretty good opening chapter by Eric Wallace. He's also got some of the characters doing their own thing. Such as Cheshire and the Tattooed Man who rob Deftech Industries for some digital schematics. I'm not sure what they're up to, but . . Slade doesn't know about it. And Osiris is obsessed with trying to bring Black Adam and his sister back to life. Which, when he lashes out at one of Luthor's body-guards . . killing him, a crack appears on his sister's statue. So Eric gave us a little character development, as well as a good story. I also really liked Fabrizio Fiorentino and Mike Mayhew's art. It looked fantastic. Fabrizio also did the cover, so that gives you a little peak at what the inside looked like. Overall, I thought it was a great start to this new chapter.

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