Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Echo #22 - Abstract Studio

We get a new player on the board this issue . . some old timer living in a camper off the grid. But apparently he knows what's going on, and how close the world is to extinction right now, because he's sitting around a campfire, drinking . . reflecting on the past. 'Jesus, Dolly . . what have they done?' Last issue Hong came after Ivy and Julie, but Julie took care of him. In the process, it seems that the more of the alloy that Julie has on her, the greater the feeling of Annie's presence. The next morning, after waking up, Julie is freaked out because . . well, she's naked. Yes, she's still covered in the alloy, but . . essentially . . she's naked. She's feeling a bit exposed. And she seems to be extra aware of her condition around Ivy . . for some reason. 'So what's up? Why so shy with me all of the sudden? Get over it. It's annoying.' Ivy finishes off Hong this issue, but not before she finds out a few more disturbing things. Apparently they want to use this allow in a collider. They're calling it the Phi Collider. But after the explosions they've seen with just a drop of this stuff . . there's no reason to believe that the result won't be the end of the world. Whether it's by black-hole, or explosion . . the likelihood of the results being catastrophic are very probable. She also finds out that she's not the only one looking for it. Although Hong was working to help HenRi, he was also working towards someone else's agenda . . the Chinese government. Apparently Hong had gotten some of the alloy and turned it over to the Chinese. In her frustration she ends up killing Hong. Which may not have been a good thing . . strategically speaking. He does know how to shut down the alloy. He did create the 'gun' to stop it. Now her only hope is that someone else can figure out his designs and notes. If he even left them behind. 'They'll do the same thing we're doing . . build the bomb to end all bombs! Then it's one big checkmate until . . what's the very first thing we did with atomic energy? The very first thing? . . . We're screwed!' I'd say the future of this series has a decidedly pessimistic future right now. But that's the nature of these stories . . trying to figure out a way to get our protagonists out of these hopeless situations. And nobody does it better than Terry Moore. He's really the only reason I even started buying this series. I mean, we came into it cold . . not knowing anything about the characters or the story that would be unfolding here. But Terry has kept it interesting and a thrill-ride ever since the first issue. My only concern is, I'm not sure how far this story can go. Especially if it stays on it's current course. However, in the meantime . . I'm in it to win it! This is one of my favorite non-DC/Marvel books. I look forward to it every month. Or . . maybe every 6 weeks. If you haven't been following this, pick up the TPB. You won't be disappointed.

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