Friday, June 18, 2010

Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom #1 - ABC Comics

I was so happy to see this book in the previews. I loved the ABC line of comics. We recently saw Top-10, and now there's this one. True, Alan Moore isn't creatively involved anymore. But he does still own the rights, so . . I assume he has final say over the story-lines. And, no matter who's writing them, this is still a great bunch of characters. The premise for this story is that Tom's illegitimate son, Albrecht, has hatched a plan to take over the world. Isn't that always the case. But he's done so by going back to manipulate time. It has something to do with the Dero, some Nazi robots. that Tom had buried in a mountain in Washington state. Somehow he's found them, and then used Parallax machines to rewrite history. He went back about 10 years before Tom had even encountered them, and used them to win WWII for the Nazis. From there they took over the world. And he did all of this in the course of a day. As Ingrid, Albrecht's mother, is gloating to Tom in the dungeon . .'This is a glorious day. Only this morning I waved goodbye to our boy, as he set off bravely into the past . . and tonight he is a man, and the master of the world.' The only thing I think Albrecht didn't account for in the past is that he spent so much time there, manipulating events and putting pieces into place, that he actually aged before coming back just a few hours after he had left. I'm guessing that his time-travel is going to have some other physical effects on him that he has yet to encounter. Anyways, I liked the way that Peter Hogan has used the Strong history to tie this series to everything that has come before. It was probably a risky move, but . . I think, brilliant. And with Chris Sprouse back on the art, it felt like we had never left. Just a 4 year hiatus. Anyways, Chris also does the cover, with JH Williams III doing the alternate one. Again, a nice touch since both of these guys were such a big part of the ABC Universe. I thought this issue was a great start to this new series, and I can't wait to see where we go from here.

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