Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Avengers #2 - Marvel

It appears that we have a time-travelling theme going through the Marvel books right now. Both in this book, and the next post . . Wolverine Weapon X. Anyways, Kang supposedly came back from the future, last issue, to warn the Avengers that their future children would bring about the end of the world. He says that they're the only ones powerful enough to stop them. All of this happens on their very first day together. We also saw that Simon, Wonder Man, warned Steve Rogers that should he bring the Avengers back together again, that he would bring them down. Apparently he knows something that Steve, or we don't. Anyways, with Kang's warning last issue, Tony decides to recruit Noh-Varr, Marvel Boy. He was part of Norman's Avengers, but . . he saw the cracks way before anyone else did, and left. Tony wants him because of his knowledge of Kree technology. He wants to build a chronal-viewer to look into the future to see if what Kang has told them is true. The information they get confirms what Kang has told them . . and a whole lot more. Apparently somewhere along the line either Kang, or the young Avengers when they kill him, have broken time. Which is a very bad thing. 'Whoever broke it, it's broken. And we're in a lot of trouble. See, I told you, time is . . it's not a linear thing. If it's broken . . it's broken everywhere.' Which is about the same time that Simon decides to attack. They might be able to sort this all out if he'd just calm down and tell the Avengers what the problem is. But he doesn't. He just keeps hammering away. That is until Marvel Boy hammers back. But they're still not out of the woods. At the end of the issue they find out just what those breaks mean. Outside the building they're about to be confronted by Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen. Where the hell did they come from? Well, this series is certainly starting off with guns blazing. Issue #2 and already the team has to find a way to fix all of time. It doesn't get much bigger than that. Brian Bendis is doing a great job of throwing us into the action. I like the team that he's assembled here. And I really like that Maria Hill is still involved. I also like that Steve is more of a mentor, or advisor, than an actual member. I'm sure he'll be there should they need his help. But in the meantime, he's got his hands in a lot of other things. I also think it's great that John Romita Jr is doing the pencils for this series. It's appropriate. Really! For the most part, his is the hand that's defined this team for quite some time. He's been on again, off again, but . . I still feel like he's been one of their biggest influences. I think this book is definitely on the right track. I can't wait to see more.

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