Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Green Arrow #1 - DC

I've eagerly anticipated this series. Especially with all the recent developments in Ollie's / Green Arrow's life. However, I've been around this block before. I looked forward to the last series when it came out, and . . the one before that, and . . the one before that. So, while I think they're making some good changes for Ollie . . I'm also apprehensive because . . well, it's been tried before. But nothing seems to stick. Not even getting married. And honestly, I'm really not trying to be negative. I love this character. I have ever since he teamed up with Hal, in that classic run with Neal Adams. I want this book to do good. I really do! Anyways, I think we're off to a good start with this one. To begin with, we have some fantastic artists lined up. Mauro Cascioli does the amazing cover on the left here, with Ethan Van Sciver doing the variant. I noticed on Ethan's variant the little blue butterfly under Ollie's arm. It's kind of glowing. I wonder if that's some sign of the Blue Lanterns? We already know that this forest in Star City is a product of the White Lantern, so . . who's to say there's not more ties to those powers. On top of the 2 beautiful covers, we have Diogenes Neves doing the interior art. I think he gave the book a really cool, dark look. Plus . . he draws some great action sequences. And finally, from his recent stint on Titans, and Teen Titans . . JT Krul will be scripting the stories. JT hasn't really been around that long, but . . I think he's come a long way in a short period of time. Plus . . I think he'll bring a fresh perspective. This issue basically introduces us to the new landscape of Star City . . literally. Green Arrow has taken to protecting the citizens of Star City, and hiding, in the lush landscape of this curious garden. We start out with him saving a young woman from an attempted mugging. And then they walk the forest, looking at the city through the trees. But there's some strange stuff going on here. There's one tree in particular with a White Lantern symbol on it. Plus, when Hal comes to talk to Ollie, he finds that his ring doesn't operate here. On top of that, it appears that Queen Industries will be playing a big part in this story. Ollie has lost control of his company, as it's been taken over by a European interest, in the form of Isabel Rochev . .' . major player in the Soviet private sector. Very shrewd reputation. Word is she's rather . . eccentric.' She also knows the history of Queen Industries, and it's family. Particularly Ollie's father, Patrick Queen. But, we don't know what her ties or interests are . . yet. And, there appears to be another vigilante running around this city. They start out by killing Nudocerda, the corrupt Chief of Police. Which sends the Mayor Altman, his equally corrupt counter-part, into a tailspin, and . . straight into the arms of Isabel Rochev for protection. I like the approach that JT is taking with Star City, and it's citizens. The Mayor and Police are telling everyone that Green Arrow is a vigilante and a criminal. They keep pushing this message over and over again. They're basically trying to program them against their familiar hero. But . . the people of Star City are behind Ollie. They know who he is, and they know what he's done for this city. No matter how much they're told otherwise. But they have to be careful. I think they fear they may be arrested if they're found to be in collusion. So they seem to do obscure little things . . tiny little secrets, to help him out. And, it seems like Ollie's become more of a 'Robin-Hood' than a vigilante. Especially with everyone still trying to recover from all of this recent devastation. Anyways, I think we're shown some interesting aspects in this first issue. Like I said . . I have high hopes for this series. The reality remains to be proven, but . . I still have high hopes.

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