Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Superman / Batman Annual #4 - DC

While I enjoyed this story . . I'm just not a big Batman Beyond fan. Which, in essence, is really what this story was . . a big Batman Beyond story-arc, designed to peak interest in the character before the new series starts. Which is ok, but . . I just wasn't that interested. Although, I will say that Paul Levitz did a terrific job of filling us in on the parameters and landscape of this character, and Gotham City. Actually, Metropolis also. And I also think that it serves to kind of clear the slate before the new series begins. Superman has stuck around, but . . he's been sticking to the shadows because of what Luthor has done to the city, and . . because of his loss with Lois. However, while trying to rid the city of criminals, he hasn't been able to take on Luthor personally because of his heavy defenses, and all of his Kryptonite. Anyways, Batman is drawn into the picture when some of Metropolis' villains and drugs turn up in Gotham. It seems that the criminals are coming in droves . . because they're scared of the new threat, the Ghost. And when the drugs show up, Bruce finds them to be laced with Kryptonite. So, long story short, Bruce and this new Batman, Terry McGinniss, investigate and of course everything leads right back to Luthor. Superman uses their effort as a way to finally confront Luthor. And this Ghost thing is actually Superman sending all these villains, and finally Luthor, into the Phantom Zone. And now that Luthor's gone, and everyone else he's ever held dear, Clark decides to head out to the stars and do a little exploring. Like I said, the slate is cleared and set up for the new series. No Superman. No Luthor. But they can still use Metropolis as a backdrop. But, while I thought this was an interesting story . . I won't be buying the new series. Sorry! I'm just not interested. Anyways, the art for this issue was provided by Renato Guedes. With a beautiful cover by Stanley Lau.

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