Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Red Robin #13 - DC

Well . . Tim's back in Gotham . . home at last, but he has to figure out how to fit in with Batman and Robin, Dick and Damian. And he's trying to figure out what his path is going to be. First and foremost, obviously, is to find Bruce. It should be easier now that Dick and Alfred believe him. So he's made a 'To-do' list.
'1)Figure out where to live
2)Figure out what to do
3)Figure out how to do it
4)Figure out who to do it with
5)Figure out who to do it against'
By the end of the issue he's got a handle on out most of it. He's decided to start rounding up the villains in Gotham. One by one. Hence, the cover. So with that decided, basically . . #2, #3, and #5 fall right into place. Now he just has to figure out where to stay. Barbara and the Birds have taken up residence, and set up shop, in the manor. So . . I don't think he'd feel comfortable there. Tim's currently staying in Wayne Tower, but . . since Dick and Damian are working out of the Bat-bunker beneath it . . he doesn't really want to be a third wheel. Maybe he can find a place with Tam. Since they are currently engaged now. And . . she does know his secret. So it wouldn't require a lot of sneaking around. And his other question is . . who's he going to get for back-up. For what he's attempting to do, it would be a bit much to go at it single-handedly. And this issue he's already burned one resource . . Lynx. Lynx has helped Robin in the past, but . . Tim doesn't trust her. So when he has the opportunity this issue, he arrests her. The problem is . . she's an under-cover Police officer. She's with the OTCB division of the Hong Kong Police Force. She tells him this after he takes her down. Hoping that he'll let her go. 'I'm here . . to take the Dragons down . . give me time . . to reclaim my title . . or else things . . things will get worse . . without me.' But . . he turns her over to the police anyways. If he had let her go, maybe he could've used her to work the inside, while he worked the outside. But . . I guess that's moot now. So, we'll have to see who he decides to count on in a future issue. Overall, I thought it was a good it. It's definitely a good jumping-on point, if you aren't following this title. And since Fabian Nicieza has taken over the scripts with this issue . . you just know there's going to be great things ahead for Tim. Also, I think Marcus To is getting better and better with every issue. His framing and flow have improved dramatically, and he's doing a great job with backgrounds. I look forward to this title every month.


  1. I wish that this comic had a better villain. The day I got this I was thinking "Why does Red Robin not fight conventional Batman villains, like the people in Arkham?" Then this came, and I thought he would fight Clay Face, Killer Croc, or even Scare Crow, but no. It was Lynx. That was a missed opportunity.

  2. Yes, but . . I think this is really only the beginning. I think there will be lots of those guys coming up. But, I think what's really going to be interesting is who Tim's going to be teaming up with. I think that's where the real opportunity lies.

  3. Yah, but I do worry that it is going to be something stupid, like he finds an orphan and makes him Blue Jay or some other Robin knock off.