Friday, June 18, 2010

Doom Patrol #11 - DC

It appears that Keith Giffen is not only trying to incorporate all of the previous incarnations of the Doom Patrol into this series, but . . he's also paying homage, of a sort, to all that went on previously with these characters. And it's a long, rich . . and sometimes convoluted and confusing, history. I don't think he has any agenda or timeline in mind. He just kind of slips in pieces of their past like they are memories, or 'matter of fact'. Like this issue . . we find out that Thayer Jost, the man who previously tried to own the Doom Patrol . . in the John Arcudi / Tan Eng Huat series, in now forming, and backing a new group called 'Front Men', out of a company that we only know so far as MSE. And most of his members include outcasts or rivals of the Doom Patrol's original members. Apparently he's the one that sent the Porcelain Doll after the DP last issue. This issue we see that Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man, Sven Larsen, is one of those members also. I was confused about one thing though. AVMM is talking to Dr Becket, also a member of the group . . remember, she's the one the DP recently fought who was creating those insect/humanoid kind of creatures . . and AVMM tells her . . ' "Our" Mr Jost is as much Thayer Jost as I am.' I didn't understand what he meant, but . . now that I think about it, I think he means that Thayer Jost isn't who we think he is. Which explains the final page of the story. Which also leads into something else that I'm confused about. Lady Quark is also a part of Mr Jost's entourage. Although a very reluctant one. Anyways, I was surprised that she was here . . wondering why? And then at the end, Jost kills her by squeezing her head and popping her eyes out. Apparently to provide him the power to return to his real form. Which comes around to the revelation on the final page. It appears that Mr Jost is actually Mr Nobody from the Grant Morrison series. Who was also revealed to be Morden, from the original DP series. He first appeared in issue #86 as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil. When he appeared in the Grant Morrison series he had formed the Brotherhood of Dada, and was hiding from the Brotherhood of Evil because they had threatened to kill him the next time they saw him. Anyways, now . . he's back. And that also means that he's been a thorn in our team's side for quite a while since he tried to own them in that other series. Anyways, my point is . . I think it's genius that Keith is pulling all of this past history together in his stories. The DP's got a great history. Use it! Yes it's twisted and strange, but . . so what? That just makes it all the more interesting, and . . it gives Keith a lot of different avenues from which to approach things. So . . the point of this issue is that Jost has Rita. Cliff, Larry and Ambush Bug have come after her. Crazy Jane has been working with them also, but she doesn't go along for the ride. Anyways, their reaction to retrieving thier teammate is just what Jost wants, as he's been manipulating the media into convincing the world that the DP are actually the 'bad-guys'. Meanwhile, the Chief is examining the Porcelain Doll, as his, and the team's, own relationship with President Cale and Oolong Island is constantly being put to the test, and the limits of her patience. I also like that Keith has brought Rocky Davis, from the Challengers of the Unknown, into this series. As well as Ambush Bug, Danny the Street, and a host of others. And we're only on issue #11. Keith is really only just getting started. Matthew Clark and Ron Randall do the art for this issue. Finally, I just want to say . . this book needs your support. I love this team, and I love these characters. But this is what . . it's 5th or 6th incarnation. This book deserves, and needs, the chance to go the long run. But it can't without support from it's readers . . not to mention 'new' readers. It's a great series. And Keith, Matt and Ron are doing a fantastic job. Pick it up. Give it a shot. And write, or e-mail DC and tell them what you think. This could be the one that finally puts them into the mainstream. But it can't without your support. Can you believe these guys have been around since 1963? And they're still relatively unknown. The 'underground' group. Let's help them at least reach their 50th anniversary in style. Please!

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