Sunday, June 27, 2010

Brightest Day #4 - DC

So by now it's pretty obvious that this series will be following the lives, or adventures, of the people that were returned to us. The book is set up in various chapters to show us these stories. But we also have Deadman that seems to be operating separate from the rest, but still connected to all of it. Or . . at least, his white ring is. He doesn't know for sure what's going on, and . . since he's the only one with a white ring . . he doesn't really have any frame of reference, or anybody to ask. Anyways, this issue starts out with Carter and Shiera looking at all of the bones of their past lives, literally, gathered and collected into a portal put together by Hath-Set. The only thing missing seems to be Khufu and Chayara's bones . . the bones from their first lives. They were pulled here by the crystallized bone that Star Sapphire gave them . . and is now a part of the Claw of Horus. Anyways, they go through the portal and find themselves on a very alien world. Meanwhile, Boston's ring has brought him to the bedroom of Dawn Granger, Dove. Unfortunately, as soon as she activates, so to does Hank Hall, Hawk. He assumes that she's in trouble and attacks. Luckily, Dawn is a calming influence. When they finally talk, Boston tells them about everything that's happened that's led up to this point. Which gives Hank an idea. By the end of the issue he's led them to his brother's grave, Don . . and wants Boston to use his ring to bring him back to life. Ronnie Raymond has tried to go back to his college life, but . . the recent events are not going to let go of him that easily. He's haunted by . . Gehenna . . literally. At least she appears to be. Is that the voice that they heard in the Firestorm matrix? Anyways, she torments him a little bit and when she leaves . . she explodes and covers his room in salt. We see Jason sleeping in his own room, and it appears that the Firestorm matrix is being activated. And then we see some of the residual effects of the White Lantern. In Silver City New Mexico, where the White Lantern lays at the bottom of a crater, things have started to become weird. A lake has dried up overnight. And in the Bermuda Triangle, the plane that was brought down by the White Lantern last issue . . at least that's what it looked like what happened . . the rescue team has found the bodies, but they appear to be dehydrated . . in the middle of the ocean? We then see the Siren chick, from Mera's world, jump out of the water followed by some Atlantean soldiers. I'm not sure what this is all about, but . . there's still an awful lot of story to go. So far I think Geoff Johns and Peter J Tomasi are doing an excellent job with this series. I like how they're focusing attention on all of these various characters. We get 2 beautiful covers by David Finch and Ivan Reis. And the interior art looks just as fantastic. It's by Ivan, Ardian Syaf, Scott Clark, and Oclair Albert. I hate to say it, but . . I think I like this series better than all that Blackest Night stuff. At least we don't have a bunch of zombies running around in this one. I did enjoy the Blackest Night. But that one was really just a big battle. Now we seem to have a direction that we're moving in. Some things are changing, but . . that's ok with me.

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