Wednesday, June 09, 2010

the Authority #23 - WildStorm

Well now that they've gotten past the threat of the Night Tribes, it appears that everybody on board is trying to relax a little bit, and unfortunately . . they're letting their guards down. The High, John, has reactivated his powers. He did so to help out his fellow passengers last issue. And already they get into a situation that only he seems to be able to handle. The Carrier is on a course. I'm not sure what it is, or where it's heading, but even Angie seems unable to alter it or slow it down. However, in thier path, there is a debris field made up of many destroyed space vessels . . Daemonite, Kheran, even a Carrier. They're intrigued, and they find signs that someone is alive in there. Christine seems to be the only voice of reason. She just wants to drive on by and ignore it. 'Those vessels didn't all just fly out here and destroy themselves.' But Jack wants to play the hero. Or at least live up to his heroic ideals. Whatever they may be. Anyways, it ends up that John is the only one with the power to go out there on his own. He goes to investigate and discovers a body. Which he then brings back on board because he's still alive. Hello! They don't have sci-fi horror movies on the world where the Authority comes from? Anyone who even watched Star Trek knows that they should contain and examine the body before bringing it on board where it can do the most damage. But . . since the ship is staying it's course, I guess they don't have much of a choice. They do this even though they know he's Agean, and he has a Justice Stone attached to his chest. 'It's probably the only reason he's alive. With that thing attached to him, he could be every bit as powerful as Union.' Hello! Lots of 'red-flags' here. And of course . . the worst happens. It appears that the debris field is sentient. And right now it's channeling it's essence through this guy. Yes he's powerful. Very powerful. And through River, the Century child, they find out that this thing . . the debris field, or essence, or whatever is called Mondregon . . whatever that means. But it's something they all appear to be very afraid of. And we see that the debris field seems to be coalescing into an octopus, or Kraken type shape. It was an interesting issue. I liked that Tom Taylor wrote a little more humor into the story this issue. And I thought that Mike S Miller did a good job with the art. It's still not the Authority that I'm used to, but . . it's something. I just wish I knew where they were heading, or what the purpose of all this is.

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