Sunday, June 27, 2010

X-Factor Forever #4 - Marvel

As with the X-Men Forever title, the theme of this book also seems to be the extinction of the mutant race. Apocalypse has broken into Ship to find out what the messages were that it was sending to it's creators . . the Celestials. Two of whom have also appeared on the scene. What he finds is that they've been keeping tabs on both the human and mutant evolution. But they appear to be getting upset over Sinister's manipulation of both. And Apocalypse has played no small part in that also. So he thinks they may be gunning for him as well. Anyways, he's kidnapped Christopher in order to lead X-Factor to Sinister's base in Nebraska. He knows that Sinister will put up a fight, should he show up, so . . he piggybacks in on X-Factor's arrival, and . . nobody will even know he's there until it's to late. Now it's just a face-off of X-Factor vs all of the various clones that Sinister has grown here. The issue ends in what appears to be a stalemate. But . . Scott and Jean vow to do whatever it takes to get Nathan back. But next issue, the final issue, will be the one to read. That's where all of this will ge wrapped up, and we'll finally see how this alternate time-line ends up. While I appreciate Louise Simonson and Dan Panoshan's effort here . . I've just been finding these middle chapters just a little bit boring. This issue was a little better, but . . we still aren't going to see the real action until next time. Plus, since this story happened so long ago . . we've had to read through lots, and lots of explanations of things, in order to bring the casual reader up to date. I don't know. I do like it. But after reading this issue I've just got a ton of questions. I just hope that the next issue lives up to the hype.

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