Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wonder Woman #600 - DC

First of all . . Congratulations Wonder Woman!! Issue #600! Finally! Secondly . . look at these amazing covers by George Perez, Adam Hughes and the 2nd print variant cover showing Wonder Woman in her new costume by JH Williams III. All 3 are simply fantastic looking. This issue is also loaded with pin-ups. We have beautiful contributions by Adam Hughes, George Perez, Nicola Scott, Ivan Reis, Guillem March, Greg Horn, Francis Manapul, Phil Jimenez, Jock, Shane Davis, Scott Kolins, and Jim Lee with his new design of her look. There's also a page in the front by Lynda Carter, and some comments by J Michael Straczynski on the changes he has in store for Wonder Woman in the future. And then, on top of all that, we have 4 fantastic tales. The first is by Gail Simone and George Perez. It starts our with Diana assembling a large group of warriors, all women, to help protect the President for the latest threat of Professor Ivo's. It's kind of neat to see and hear all the different ways that everyone perceives her. But the real point of the story is when Diana returns to watch Vanessa Kapatelis graduate from High School . . as Valedictorian. If anyone deserves the 'good' day, it's definitely her. She's been through a lot. In the second story, Amanda Connors brings us a team up of sorts with Wonder Woman and Power Girl. We come in at the end of their battle with Chang Tsu. But then PG asks Diana for a favor. She's having a hard time with her cat and she's hoping that Diana can help explain things to her. As a person who has 2 cats of his own, I thought that Diana's interpretation of PG's cat's desires and needs was both unique and specific. I could totally see my cat thinking what Diana was interpreting as Streaky's (?) needs. Next Louise Simonson and Eduardo Pansica bring us a story of Wonder Woman and Superman teaming up to fight Aegeus. It was a pretty straight forward story, but . . the real story was in the unspoken dialogue between Clark and Diana. The respect and team-work that they displayed was unequalled. They truly are reflections of the same coin. Next Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins tell a tale that sets up what's happening in Diana's life currently. It seems that the gods feel that Diana is grossly under-appreciated by the world at large. So they've set her on a new odyssey to prove her value. Which leads directly into J Michael Straczynski's story about Diana's new reality. We
see from JMS story that Diana is setting out anew to enter man's world. But she doesn't seem to have any recollection of her past. At least not the past that we know. She's being trained to enter man's world, and to fight for Themyscira. But to her, it's all just something that she's been told about. It's not anything that she's actually experienced. JMS also introduces a new character in the Oracle. Not the Oracle like Barbara Gordon, but like the Greek Oracle. Someone who's denied sight, physically, but can see the past and the future. She tells Diana, 'The world you see isn't always that is, or has been. In the world that I see you have always been exactly as you are right now. And you have never been anything like what you are right now. Just as I . . was not always what I am now. When the Gods play music, they play it on the instruments of our bodies, on our past . . present . . future. And from time to time, they . . change the rhythm.' She makes reference to a man who's dark purposes rely on Diana staying as she is now. And she gives her a glimpse of Themiscyra . . what she's fighting for. I thought JMS did a great job with the story, but Don Kramer's art was equally incredible. Overall I thought this was a great issue and I can't wait to see where we go from here. Especially with JMS on board. It should be a fantastic trip.

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