Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Detective Comics #866 - DC

This was an interesting issue, but . . I'm sorry . . I just didn't like it all that much. Basically it's set up to show us that the Order of St Dumas, and Azrael, stretch all the way back to Batman's beginnings. All the way back to the first time he met the Joker. Dick is chasing down some bad guys in this old mansion. When he falls through some old floor boards he stumbles across the Medallion of St Dumas, which he and Batman had lost track of on one of their first cases. And of course it happened to be a case with the Joker. So there's a bunch of flashback scenes where we see Batman and Robin out in one of their very first Bat-mobiles. They don't even know who the Joker is. All they know is that there's some guy in a clown outfit that seems to be robbing banks. Anyways, on his getaway . . a leisurely stroll down one of the side streets, he comes across a man and plants the gold chain from the Medallion in his pocket. Loomis was his name. And he came across the toughest district attorney that Gotham ever had . . Harvey Dent. He didn't stand a chance and was sentenced to 25 years, to life. But really, none of this matters. Because, as I said, this all comes back to the Order, the Medallion, and the flaming sword that the Order's protector wielded. It wasn't even really about the Joker, unless he did all of this just to bring attention to the Order and it's dealings. But . . I guess we'll never know. I just really didn't care for the flashback scenes. And the whole issue, really, seemed kind of convoluted. It definitely wasn't one of the better issues I've read. It was written by Denny O'Neil, with art by Dustin Nguyen. I don't imagine that this will carry over to the next issue. But if it does . . maybe then it'll make a little more sense.

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