Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Zatanna #2 - DC

With the second issue of this series, we're starting to get a little more insight into Zatanna's character. Unfortunately, at the same time, were kind of finding out that she's this aloof type of super-hero. Actually, now that I say it, maybe that does sound a little judgemental. I think that she's aloof because she doesn't actually see herself as the super-hero type. Sure she's called in to help occasionally on things that the Justice League wants to handle from a different perspective. But for the most part, I think she's more of an information resource for the team. Someone to help them out and give them advice when their stuck in some type of magical situation. Anyways, there's a new player in the Bay Area underworld, Brother Night. And he's trying to take control of crime on both the mystical and mundane levels. To that end he approaches Det Colton with an offer. He's willing to turn over the more mundane criminals to him, loosening their hold on the streets of this city . . in return for a 'pass'. Basically, he's trying to get all opposition out of his way. To that end he's got the demon-imp, Fuseli, who considers himself the lord of nightmares, going after Zatanna. He obviously knows that he'll never be able to get at her by a direct approach, so . . he's employed the little imp to attack her from the sides . . in her dreams. Of course she beats him, and binds him inside her hat . . for save keeping. But now her and Colton have to get together to compare notes. And they better do it quickly because Brother Night also has the spirit of Zatarra working for him. And right now he's ordering him to kill his daughter. 'I'm almost sorry you have to destroy her, John. But that's the debt you owe me for saving your soul from oblivion!' I think this is going to be an interesting book. I think everyone kind of has their own perception of this character. So it'll be nice to have her personality and character nailed down to a specific set of parameters. And, I think we're all going to be surprised by what we end up with. Paul Dini is in charge of unfolding Zatanna's story. So far, I think he's keeping it very interesting. And Stephane Roux is doing a good job with the art. I was a little disappointed in the first issue. Just because I was comparing her work to some of the incredible covers that she's done. But I think the final pages of this book look the best. That's where she's inks her own stuff. Also, Stephane does the main cover of this book, with Brian Bolland doing the variant. Both look equally amazing.

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