Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Justice Society of America #40 - DC

Although I thought this was a good book . . it was really more information than story. We've been wading through this Fatherland story the last couple of issues, and that's the first thing that this issue tackles. But wrapping that up . . takes all of 4 pages. Michael sends a message back to himself . . his beat-up, almost dying self, shortly after Kid Karnevil's attack. And really it all comes down to getting Todd/Obsidian out of his 'egg' form. Which, to me, was the only real downfall with the story. Todd was stuck in this 'egg' form, pushing all of his energy down into this concentrated mass. Which is what the Fourth Reich used to power their machine that changed the world. So, if they could 'fix' Todd . . they'd never be able to tap into his powers, and the fight would be over before it even started. Well . . maybe not the fight, per se, but . . their overall master plan would have to change. Anyways, all of this was actually a couple of weeks before the Fourth Reich's attack. And apparently . . Michael remembers everything from this alternate time-line. So, even in his weakened state, he helps the team get ready to counter the attack when it finally does come. And like that . . things are back to normal. Anyways, all of this really just serves to get this book back on the same time-line, and schedule as it's companion titles . . Justice League JSA All-Stars. After all Justice League has already moved on to the Dark Things story-line. And everything that's happened in All-Stars, in it's first 8 issues, hasn't really been explained yet. How and why did the team split up? What happened with Mordru taking over Dr Fate? And we have the whole Black Lantern thing which hasn't really been addressed in this title. Well . . all of that is fixed with this issue. And all from Todd's dialogue and descriptions. Like I said . . much, much more information than substance this issue. But we do see Todd and Alan's relationship re-blossom . . shortly before the Star-Heart tears everything asunder . . once again. So now we're set up for the 2nd part of the Dark Things story-line in this title next month. Overall I thought it was an ok book. Bill Willingham did move things along rather rapidly. But . . he had to get things back on track. And Jesus Merino did a great job with the art. I think his style is going to fit well with these characters. But I don't feel like we have the 'New Beginnings' that we're promised on the cover. If fact, I don't really feel like we can get that until after the Dark Things storyline. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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