Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Secret Warriors #17 - Marvel

First I want to say that I think Jonathan Hickman is doing an incredible job with this series. I've been impressed with his writing in other Marvel books, but . . he seems to have a special affinity towards this type of book. Or maybe it's just Nick Fury. Maybe he's such a strong character that he not only motivates and rallies the troops and characters around him, but also the person writing about his adventures. It sounds like as good an explanation as any, to me. Anyways, Nick has a lot of irons in the fire right now. He started out with his Secret Warriors, led by Daisy, to aid in the Skrull Invasion. That team then turned their attention towards Norman Osborn and HAMMER. Although, I'm not sure what their focus is right now. But they are his primary team, the White team. He's also got his Grey team, made up of ex-SHIELD operatives and led by his son Mikel. They've been trying to put the hurt on Leviathan . . the recently resurrected cold-war Soviet organization . . and their also resurrected leader, Orion. And he has a Black team, also made up of undiscovered young super-humans . . Lauren Wolfe, Ahmed Noor, Aaron Downing, Ben Huth, Bobby Gamorra, Cornell Gray, and Ellis Love. They're led by Alexander Pierce, and have been trying to destroy Hydra. Anyways, Leviathan and Hydra recently had a big to-do at their Hydra base in China which resulting in the destruction of the base and heavy casualties on both sides. Now Nick is ready to take advantage of this by sending his teams after both of their wounded enemies. Also, Nick has asked Dum Dum to assemble, and create, a new Howling Commandos unit. It's to be made up of former SHIELD operatives as well as new recruits. We see the beginnings of that in a party that's thrown in Sudan a few weeks ago. It's a party designed to bring all the living Commandos back together, and reignite their flames of patriotism. They also bring in some new recruits, and Steve . . just to bolster the deal. Most of this information we learn as the United Nations has a secret meeting of the Security Council. They're questioning Dum Dum and Jasper Sitwell. They know that Nick's involved, but . . they don't know what his plans are. And they also don't know if they're his own plans or if he's following someone else's agenda. So . . they're worried. Especially with the recent events in China. However, seeing as how all of these stories happened already . . in the recent weeks leading up to this issue, it's safe to assume that Nick has already begun his initiative. Which means, things are happening even as they're talking. This issue brought us up to speed. So hopefully the next will give us a clearer picture of what exactly is going on. Like I said, I think Jonathan is doing a fantastic job here. And I'm also enjoying Alessandro Vitti's art. This is a great series. I look forward every month to seeing where it goes.

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