Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Action Comics #890 - DC

Paul Cornell does a great job with Lex's character this issue. The issue starts out with these 3 guys who've apparently captured Lex, and they have him hanging over the side of his building. But surprisingly . . or not, he's seems to be very calm. The rest of the issue then is him looking back on how he got to be in this position. So really . . it's two separate stories. Kind of. It seems that Lex's brush with the power of Larfleeze's ring has left him with the itch to regain the power. It appears that the Avarice that accompanies the Orange Ring doesn't readily leave when that ring's power is then rescinded. Lex just can't get over the rush that he felt when he was in that position. And he wants it . . again! However, since he doesn't know where Larfleeze is, he's decided to try to go after one of the Black Rings. At the end of the recent battle they all seemed to vaporize into dust. However, after scouring the planet, he can't find a trace of their residue, or power anywhere. So he's expanded his search into space. And that's where he's found some deposits of black energy. It's also interesting to note, that as Lex is going through this dialogue, and thought process, he's doing it with his companion whom he's constructed to be his conscious . . for lack of a better word. 'She's doing exactly as she's programmed to: offering me another perspective, challenging me . . even surprising me.' And the construct that he's made to question him? None other than . . Lois Lane. Kind of ironic. Huh? Anyways, it's while he's going through this that he is attacked and then apprehended by these 3 mysterious people. They're mysterious because of the way their acting. They also appear very calm, and don't really seem to have any kind of agenda other than capturing Lex. For what ends . . we don't know. But then the real culprit reveals himself, and . . it's none other than Mister Mind. Why he's after Lex, we don't know. But I'm sure we'll find out more next issue. As I said, I thought Paul did a great job portraying Lex's character. The lust that he displays over his recent encounter with the ring was perfectly portrayed for his character. Plus it was kind of neat to see a story centered around him. We haven't seen that in a while. I also thought Pete Woods did a great job with the art. Only 9 more issues and then we'll be up to #900. I can't wait to see what they have in store for us.

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