Wednesday, June 30, 2010

X-Men Legacy #237 - Marvel

I knew these guys would be making some headway soon, and I knew it was going to come from the future . . Cable and his band of heroes. Not much happens in the present. These Nimrods continue to come through the portal, and the X-Men have tried to find new ways of defeating them . . they adapt every time one of their kind is taken down, but . . there's only so much they can do, and only so many interesting and unique ways they can beat one of these machines. We see Magneto have some success, when he basically impales them with pieces of the island . . formerly 'his' asteroid. Also Hope has some success when she shoots them with her gun. 'The 2RT rifle was manufactured in 2712. So I'm betting they never saw this cute little hail Mary before.' But their real success comes from the team Scott sent into the future. While Logan, Warren and Laura are distracting the Master Mold, Cable and Cypher make their way to the Master Mold's processing core. Basically, Cypher allows himself to be assimilated into the Master Mold's systems. Which is what he wants. 'That means you have to hit me with some machine code, correct? Can't assimilate me without building an interface. So you're killing me . . killing me with numbers . . terrible, perfect numbers. I see the pattern now. I can copy them. Write back in . . the pieces of my mind . . that you're destroying . . and then . . I can start to improvise.' Which he does. He blows up the Nimrods, shuts down Master Mold, and deactivates all the Nimrods in the past. But with that all done, now they have to figure out how to get back. Laura tried to go through the portal, but . .'Nothing organic can go through.' But once again they improvise. On the final page, as Hope is chastising Scott for using these people as cannon-fodder, we see Cable come through the membrane. And it looks like he's been infected with Cypher's techno-organic virus. I guess that's one way to beat the system. But Bastion still has the dome erected around San Francisco. So now it looks like rather than having the Nimrods from the future kill the mutants . . he's going to have to do it himself. Something he seems more than prepared and willing to tackle. This was a great chapter by Mike Carey and Greg Land. We made a lot of progress this issue which leads us into X-Force #28 . . Chapter 13. Only a couple more books and this story-line will be all wrapped up.

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