Friday, June 18, 2010

the Invincible Ironm Man #27 - Marvel

Pepper is literally begging Tony to reinstall the Repulsor Technology into her body. I think she got such a thrill being Rescue . . and a sense of mission in life, that she's not ready to give it up just yet. Plus . . Tony promised her she could have it back when he used it to come back from the precipice. Right now . . she's tired of waiting for him to make the decision to actually do it. Also some of Tony's old employee's are coming back. There's not really even a company for them to work for, right now. But . . they believe in Tony, and they believe that he'll come through with what he says. Meanwhile, in Tokyo, Justine Hammer is in town and she's decided to show off her Detroit Steel. Basically she hires a gang to terrorize one of the subways, and then Detroit Steel swoops in and takes out the 'terrorists'. But who's the real 'terrorist' here? Them? Or Justine? Of course she has the media waiting and ready to eat up all the action. She's already got a contract with the city of Tokyo. Or maybe with it's Police Dept. I'm not sure. But what she really wants is a contract with the US Government. As soon as the footage starts airing she calls up the General to see if he's watching. Almost immediately he decides that the US military needs to sign a contract with them. I just hope they know what they're getting in to. I don't see this ending well for . . well, anybody. Tony also sees the footage. He doesn't know that it's all a publicity stunt. A very bloody, high cost publicity stunt. All he knows is that there's some type of mechanical armor involved and he wants to find out what's going on. The issue ends with he and Rhodey, War Machine, racing off to Tokyo in thier suits. I love the job that Matt Fraction and Salvador Larocca have been doing here. They've keep the book interesting and entertaining, and . . the path that they've put Tony's life on has been full of turmoil and pitfalls. But Tony's strength lies in how he overcomes all of the obstacles thrown in front of him. He's a man that rises best to the challenge. I've really enjoyed this title. Each and every month.

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