Sunday, June 27, 2010

R.E.B.E.L.S. #17 - DC

There's something about this book that I really like. It may be Vril Dox . . his irreverent attitude, and his scheming and manipulations. It could just be the plethora of characters that this title taps in to. Between the participants in REBELS, the LEGION, the Omega Men, and all the various races out here in this little corner of the galaxy . . there's definitely no shortage of unique or interesting characters. Or it could just be that the settings for the stories are so much different than what we usually deal with . . with all the DC 'superhero' titles. But I think it's the marriage of all of this combined. I especially like the current direction that Tony Bedard is taking us in. To lay out the pieces for you . . Tamaran, obviously, was destroyed. Rann was razed by Synnar and became a lifeless husk. Leaving the Rannians living on Throneworld, and the Tamaranians wandering the universe. Anyways, Vril also needs a new home-base for his LEGION operations. So he thinks outside the box and basically solves everybody's problems. He moves Rann into Tamaran's old orbit, and then begins terraforming the planet. The Rannians have a new home, and Vril has a base for LEGION. However, when Blackfire finds out what happened she get pissed. But Vril also handles that by offering her one of the southern continents of this planet for her people. And finally, since the Rannians and the Thanagarians don't have to share a planet, he brokers a peace between them. The biggest problem, I think, is just going to be the location . . the Vega sector. A sector known for it's lawlessness. I mean, it's home to the Psions, the Tamaranians, the Okaarans and the Gordanians and the Citadel. It's quite the eclectic melting pot of warrior races. And now it's got 2 rookie Green Lanterns watching over it . . Altin Admos, from Okaara, and Gorius Karkum, a female Psion. Have we ever seen a female Psion? Anyways, while all of this is going on, and they're in the process of rebuilding a planet . . Vril's son, Lyrl, has been creating something of his own. He's created Pulsar Stargrave . . 'A sentient Solaris Class Macroprocessor created when imploding a neutron star.' I don't think he'll earn a merit-badge for that little experiment. Anyways, his plan is to visit his grandfather in jail, spring him . . 'and suck his exquisite brain dry.' As a plan goes . . that doesn't seem to be a good one. Plus, you just know it's going to come crashing down around him. So . . I really like this series. I think it's got a lot of originality and fresh ideas. I think Tony has done a great job so far. Sergio Arino fills in on the art this issue. I like the current direction. And this is one of those books that I can't wait to see what happens. Because it's very rarely what we expect.

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