Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gotham City Sirens #13 - DC

We already have a pretty rich female cast in Gotham, but it looks like we're going to be adding another. It's Catwoman's sister, Magdalene Kyle. It appears that she has some angel (?) whispering in her ear telling her that her sister Selina is possessed by some sort of cat-demon. And that the only way to save her may be to kill her. I don't think that Magdalene, or as she comes to be called this issue . . Sister Zero . . I don't think she's necessarily evil. But for some reason she's being manipulated by this spirit. At one point, while Catwoman and Harley Quinn are fighting her, Sister Zero comes into contact with Harley and turns her against Selina also. When she comes out of it later Selina asks her if she was drugged, but . . she says it was more like a possession. It's like . . one second it was on, and the next it was off. It didn't really ease in or out of it like a drug would. Anyways, Selina ends up convincing Magdalene to at least question what she's being told when she shows her that she had returned the skull of Saint Bertram, that Maggy had seen her steal years before. She knew that her sister had seen her, and that was the first time she ever felt guilty about stealing something. Anyways, it seems that this angel is also giving Maggy some extra-human strength, and fighting abilities. In the end she takes off, because she's confused. But she lets Selina know that it's not over. So now, besides that lady over at the theatre that's the 'Spirit of Gotham', we now have this new female protagonist on the scene. I liked the way that this story left if kind of ambiguous as to whether she's good or evil. Yes she's fighting Catwoman, but . . Catwoman isn't always a good person either. I liked the way that Tony Bedard approached all of this. It leaves everything pretty open for the future. I thought Peter Nguyen and Andres Guinaldo did a great job with the art. I've really enjoyed the first year of this book. I hope it keeps going strong.

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