Sunday, June 27, 2010

Joker's Asylum II: Harley Quinn #1 - DC

I thought this issue's look into insanity was infinitely better than the previous one. Of course, I think that Harley Quinn is just all around a better character than the Mad-Hatter also. So, that swayed my opinion a bit. In this one it's Harley and the Joker's special day, so . . all she wants to do is be with him and spend some time together. It's Valentine's day. But she's currently incarcerated, and her lover isn't. So even though she's only got 2 weeks before her parole . . she'll do anything necessary to be with him. The carnage and mayhem that ensues is much more escalated than is needed for what she wants to accomplish. And . . the Joker is currently enmeshed in another of his nefarious schemes. That is, until he's captured. But not by Batman. No he's captured by Falcone. Why? 'You're all here because the Joker, in one way or another, has affected you. Cost you money. Embarrassed you, or hurt you. You're here because tonight I offer you the chance to get even. To buy one of these little balls . . each at the cost of $100,000. If you ball is selected, you'll receive the Joker wrapped in a bow to do with what you will. Shoot him in the head. Stuff him in your lobby. Make him your pool-boy . . it's up to you.' But of course Harley can't let her 'shnookums' fall to such indignity. She goes all Rambo on the operation. And eventually finds out where her lover is. But by then . . he's already been recaptured by the Batman. 'I've seen all the damage you've done. At some point I realized it would be easier to get him than it was to get you.' He then offers to reunite them, by putting her in a cell next to his. I liked this one much better than the last one. James Patrick had a much more cohesive story. Insane . . but still, structured. I also enjoyed Joe Quinones art. Plus . . it was funny. Mad-Hatter's story was just depressing. Also . . nice cover by Claudio Castellini.

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