Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Green Hornet #5 - Dynamite Entertainment

This title was much more interesting than the last one I read . . the Kato Origins blog. This was much more exciting and entertaining. We see Britt Jr finally step into the shoes of his father. He's a bit hesitant at first, but . . once he gets out there and experiences the thrill, as well as his seemingly new partner, Kato . . the original Kato's daughter . . he thinks, 'Oh yeah. I might be able to get into this.' We also see that he's developing a nemesis as well. And in the tradition of the father/son thing, this new 'bad guy' is his father's old foe's son . . Oni Juuma / Hirohito Juuma. Hirohito and the Mayor are the one's who've developed this new character, the Black Hornet. Oni wanted the Green Hornet's identity, and in return he's provided the Mayor with someone to fight . . someone to push him ahead in the polls before his election. Oni is also trying to mentor his son. He tells him that he killed Britt Sr as a business decision. It appears that the Juuma family has once again sunk their teeth into the Century City underworld. If Britt was left alive he would've begun the hunt anew. However, his son, ignorant of the past would spend his energies elsewhere . . even if he did take up his father's mantle as Oni suspected that he would. By the time Britt Jr would focus his attention towards him, Oni would be to entrenched or powerful for the new Green Hornet to make an impact. Which is why he wants to keep Hirohito out of his sights and under his radar. But we just know that Hirohito is to full of anger and frustration to play that role. You just know that he's going to be out there messing up his father's plans. I thought this was a great story by Kevin Smith. And I love Phil Hester and Jonathan Lau's art. I may have to forgo all the other Green Hornet series, and minis, and just stick to this one. It's definitely the most interesting.

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