Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the Web #10 - DC

Well, unfortunately . . this is the last issue of the Web. As has happened with the Shield also. At least for now. Next month everyone joins forces in the ongoing Mighty Crusaders title. If that title is a success, and any of the characters really stand out . . I'm sure they'll have a chance at a solo-title once again. But, to me, the only one I really see that happening to anytime in the near future is probably the Shield. Anyways, in this issue, a Doctor Zardar tries to use the Web, and his multitude of clients, the Web-hosts, to try to solve 2 problems. There's a group called the Cell that's an offshoot of HIVE. The problem is, they refuse to do business with the Global Concern. You know, that big hidden group that seems to be behind everything. So Doctor Zardar has taken control of the Web-hosts and has them attacking the Cell's camp. Which, when he finds out, will draw the Web in as he'll try to fix it. So, long story short, the Cell is destroyed, but . . John, as the Web, saves his Web-hosts from harm. And in doing so, has foiled Doctor Zardar's plan. Even though John doesn't really know who's behind all of this. And we're introduced to a new character. It's one of John's Web-hosts who has altered her uniform and appearance. She's now calling herself Fly-Girl. In the end the military shows up and offers them both a spot on their new team, the Mighty Crusaders. Neat and clean and ready to move on to the next series. It's sad that his book is over now, because I thought that Matthew Sturges was making some good headway with the stories. But, you never know. It might be back. I also enjoyed Roger Robinson's art. We also wrap up the Hangman story this issue by John Rozum, with Tom Derenick and Bill Sienkiewicz. It'll be interesting to see how this guy does in a group. So I guess that's it. Until next month.

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