Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Adventure Comics #12 - DC

Well . . DC seems to be trying to charge $3.99 for as many of it's books as it can. But, at least for that charge you get 30 pages of art, instead of the usual 21 or 22. They started out doing it with back-up stories. But every now and than, as with this issue, they just stick the extra pages onto the main story. Which in this issue, with Superboy and the Legion being the source . . it's a very special treat. This story gives us one of Superboy's very first visits into the future. He knows who the Legionnaires are, but . . he hasn't actually seen where they come from. Overall, it was a pretty basic story. But, if you're a Legion fan like I am, it was still pretty cool. Basically, it was under the premise that . . Superboy visits the future, but . . rather than following along with the normal tour, as provided by Saturn Girl, Brainiac 5 or Phantom Girl . . Clark has his own to do list for the day. The funny thing is though, I don't think that it was necessarily a list for this specific day, but rather a list for the day that Clark finally was allowed to venture out of Smallville. It includes . . '1 See the city, 2 Test what my powers can do, 3 Play a ballgame without holding back, 4 Have fun at party, 5 Kiss a girl without my glasses on, 6 Be myself'. And with the help of the Legionnaires he able to do all of that and more. But of course, before going home, Saturn Girl has to tweak his memory a bit so that he doesn't remember anything that he's learned about the future. Also this visit to the future was before RJ Brande had died. You know, the whole Lightning Saga, and Legion of 3 Worlds and all that. So, as much fun as it was reading this issue, next issue is advertised as . . 'Brande Speaks! (and the real story of how the Legion was founded)'. As a long-time fan, I'm pretty sure how that story goes, but . . with Paul Levitz writing it, it'll be interesting to see what he adds to what we know so far. Or if he changes anything. Overall I really liked this issue. It was brought to us by Paul and Kevin Sharpe. Oh yeah . . and, next issue we start a new back-up feature . . the Atom. Ray Palmer is back in the DC Universe . . the full-sized version, and I guess these stories will be spinning out of his adventures in Brightest Day. Also . . nice covers by Scott Clark and Lee Bermejo.

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