Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I, Zombie #1 - Vertigo

This is another one of those books that I ended up picking up just for the heck of it. I looked at it, but was concerned whether it was worth taking the risk for $3. I didn't even notice that it was one of those first issues for a $1 things. But then in my usual E-Bay travels, I found the Darwyn Cooke variant cover for 99 cents. So I bought it. What the heck. Right? By the way, I'm still looking for a run of Joe the Barbarian on E-Bay. My guy only orders like 2 copies of each. I didn't even realize that it was up to issue #6 already. I figure it'll show up on E-Bay sooner or later. Anyways, I have to say . . I thought this issue was interesting, and fun. The main character is Gwen Dylan. And she lives and works in this little unassuming town of Eugene Oregon. But, come to find out . . and obviously, from the cover . . she's a Zombie. But not your typical Zombie. We don't know all the details yet, but . . it seems that if she eats some brains at least once a month, the physical conditions of her affliction are staved off. For the most part she looks pretty normal. Also, I guess, if she doesn't eat some brains she loses her own memories. So, to fulfill this need, without raising to much suspicion, she works and lives in a cemetery. Obviously she can't hide her job, but . . no one actually knows that she's been living there also. And to top this off, her best friend appears to be a ghost of a young whom that's probably buried here. We don't know all the details yet. We're just kind of introduced to the character this issue. There's a hint that there's other creatures of the night living in this town also . . werewolves, vampires and who knows what else. And we find out at the end of this issue that by eating someones brains you take on their memories. Apparently for the week following thier consumption. So this latest guy that she's eaten was murdered, and he wants her to find his killer. I thought it was an interesting story with a neat premise. Chris Roberson did a good job of introducing us to this character, and keeping her concerns and beliefs relevant. I also enjoyed Michael Allred's art. To tell the truth, I'm not a big fan of his. Although I did like his work in Static-X. And maybe it's because of my experience with that book, but . . I think his style fits this story and character perfectly. It's a quirky, off-beat story. Just like his art. I imagine that I'll pick up at least an issue or 2 more . . just to see if it can hold my interest. Plus . . it's just nice to read something that's different. Something out of my usual comfort zone.

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