Friday, June 18, 2010

the Pilgrim #2 - IDW Publishing

I like this book. So far the premise seems pretty interesting. It's about a secret government project having to do with psychic powers. So far it seems like their major interest is remote viewing. You know, for watching in on secret meetings, or spying on the enemies, even looking into the past or future of certain events. But I'm sure there's much more involved than all of that. In the first issue we see how all of this kind of got started by both sides, the Americans and the Germans, during WWII. However, once the war was over . . the research never stopped. This story seems to be mostly from the American point of view. We know that the German's have had some success. But the pictures we get of them are what we see from the American subject's POV. They seem to be in some kind of chambers on this machine that focus' their powers. I'm not sure if they're calling the remote-viewing program Lilith, or the machine that they're actually hooked up to. But it seems like the machine, or program, controls the power and agenda. And the people hooked up are just it's batteries. I could be wrong, but that's the take I'm getting on it. Anyways, while all of this is going on, we're watching the story unfold about this apparently homeless ex-soldier. He seems to have had some severe traumatic affects of his service, and it's weighing heavy on his dreams and nightmares. But he's obviously a person that was somehow involved or connected to this program. This issue he's arrested as a vagrant. But while in the county hospital, he has a severe reaction to being restrained. He wakes up to find himself strapped into a bed, but by the time a doctor shows up to check in on him . . somehow he's bent the bed into a cage that's wrapped around him. There's a lot more going on also. Something about this old guy that lives in a nursing home. There's something about this guy who's the leader of this little country called Chechenia. And then of course there's the whole German angle to all of this. We're getting a whole lot of information. And a lot of various aspects to this story. But since we're only on issue #2, we don't quite see yet how all of this fits together. We really don't know much more than the bits and pieces of information that we've been fed. I think the book has a lot of potential. I'm just a little confused right now as to where Mark Ryan and Mike Grell are taking us. We don't know who the 'good guys' or 'bad guys' are. Hell . . we barely know some of the characters names. But . . it's interesting. It's intriguing. And Mike's art looks fantastic. As if I expected anything less. I'll probably stick with it for a little while, to try to figure out what's going on. And then . . we'll see, after that.

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