Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Justice League: the Rise of Arsenal #4 - DC

Well . . it looks like Roy is going to turn over to the dark side. I don't necessarily mean that he's going to be a 'bad-guy'. I don't think he has that in him. But . . he is definitely going to be more like Ollie . . or even more like Deathstoke, and use extreme violence in his vigilante activities. The loss of his arm, and his daughter, are just to much for him to bear. And he's turned back to drugs. In his fever dreams he hears his daughter, Lian, screaming for vengeance. Vengeance against the man who did this to her . . the Electrocutioner. So he breaks out of rehab and heads to Star City Penitentiary, where Lester is being held. The guards let Ollie out, hoping that he can help with this debacle. But . . all he can do is try to reason with Roy. And right now . . he's just not listening. In the end he ends up killing Lester in a cell, and then proceeds to destroy the rest of his life . . burning down the house that he and Lian called home. And this is just the beginning of his story. From here he decides to join the Titans. Not the Teen Titans. But Deathstroke's Titans . . Villains for Hire. It looks like he's headed down a pretty dark path. This story is by JT Krul, with art by Geraldo Borges, Kevin Sharpe and Fabio Jansen. I thought it was a great series, showing Red Arrows fall from grace. But now he truly will be Arsenal. Using anything he can get his hands on as a weapon. I can't wait to see what happens next. This should be interesting.

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