Friday, June 18, 2010

Outsiders #30 - DC

With Metamorpho, Owlman and Black Lightning on the outs with . . well, almost everybody . . as they fly over Canada in one of Brion's jets, inadvertantly flying the Markovian flag . . the Canadians try to shoot them out of the sky. 'Canada's got missle?!' In this issue the Kryptonian/Earth war is just heating up . . this issue's about 2 months behind . . and our boys here, having recently been seen supporting Brion . . as he supports the Kryptonians . . they have nobody to turn to. Even Alfred can't help them out. Speaking of the Kryptonians, the Eradicator is still in Markovia. Now that I think about it, he was noticeably absent from the Superman: War of the Supermen mini-series. We see that he's affected when the sun turns red, and . . he seems to be stirring up a ruckus in Markovia. Even more so than usual. Anyways, as they're approaching the states, Rex remembers the only person he knows who can do pretty much anything they want . . Simon Stagg. He really hates to turn to him, but they honestly have nowhere else to go. That's where the guy on this cover comes from . . the Freight Train. Apparently Simon has a new body-guard. Java's still around, and with this new bodyguard doing all the hard work . . that gives Java more time to hatch his nefarious plans against Rex. . Anyways, this Freight Train is a 'hit first and ask questions later' kind of guy. So when Black Lightning blows up the Markovian jet, and then they enter Stagg's bunker . . the bodyguard comes at them with full force. Simon offers them a save haven, but . . you just know he's got something up his sleeve. And while Rex is sleeping, Java overpowers him, with the help of the Orb of Ra, and takes him and dumps him into the chemical body of . . Chemo. What's Simon doing with this monstrosity? And how is Metamorpho going to be affected by this series of events? So far I think that Dan Didio is doing a pretty decent job with this book. I like the way that he's handling the characters. My only concern is that I think he should've addressed this break in the group a little bit more. We saw a couple of pages of what's going on in Markovia, but . . not much. But it's still a fun and exciting book. And I love Phillip Tan's art. Now that the war's over, maybe things can get a little more back to normal. But . . I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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