Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Joker's Asylum II: Clayface #1 - DC

I have to say, this was probably one of the best Clayface stories that I've read in quite a while. First of all, as usual, Kelley Jones did a fantastic job with the art. Then we have, I think, a new guy doing the story . . Kevin Shinick. What I liked about it was . . while it was a self-contained story, it didn't really have the 'happy-ending', or resolution that I would've expected. Basically, this Clayface at one time decided that he wanted to try his hand at being a movie actor, Basil Karlo. He played monsters in the old horror films. But it was always the lead actor that got the credit, not him for his portrayals. So he got bitter and left. Well when he sees that one of the local theatres is showing a 'schlock-fest', he takes exception to the portrayal of his work. He expects to terrorize an audience and kill some innocents, but what he finds surprises him. The theatre is loaded with kids that have idolized him. They feel broken and outcast much the same way as Clayface, and the characters that he portrays. So when he tells them he's going to kill them . . they welcome it with open arms. They think they deserve it. And when Batman finally finds out what's going on, with all these kids that have gone missing . . it's really to late. The kids actually fight to protect Clayface. Which obviously Batman can't fight against. And it gives Clayface the time to alter his appearance and get lost in the crowd. Like I said, it doesn't really have the resolution that you would've expected. But I liked it. I really liked it. Sometimes the stories in real-life are like that. They may come to an end . . temporarily, but . . that doesn't necessarily mean that there's a resolution. But then you have to ask yourself the question, do you really need to pursue that, or . . should you just move on with your life? I think we know which way most of us go. I love it when a story gets my head going like that.

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