Friday, June 18, 2010

Uncanny X-Men #525 - Marvel

Things are heating up on a lot of different fronts here. First of all, last issue, Scott sent X-Force and Nathan into the future. Their mission is to stop these Sentinels from returning to the past. The problem is . . Nate's only got one more time jump left in him. So he's probably not going to be able to return to the past . . or any of his teammates, for that matter. But . . they are in the future. And, obviously . . time travel devices do exist. Hence the returning Sentinels that are wreaking havoc on the X-Men's present. So, I'm thinking they're probably going to be able to figure their way out of this. But, in the meantime, Hope is seriously pissed at Scott for sending her 'father' on this suicide mission. What Hope doesn't understand though, is that Nate knew. He knew he only had one jump left. So it was actually his decision to accept the mission. Anyways, outside of the dome, the Fantastic Four and the Avengers have joined the X-Club in their endeavor to penetrate this sphere. Meanwhile, the X-Men are fighting for their lives. They seem to be sending these Sentinels in 5 at a time. But even just one is hard to bring down. And Namor is fighting just as hard as the X-Men. In the future, X-Force has entered a time when all mutants have been massacred. So their plan is . . 'We kill our way from here to there. We kill our way inside. And we don't come out until the future is razed and the past is saved. No matter what.' And finally Scott is trying to get things in order. He's asked Charles to watch, and work with David Haller. It is his son after all. He's also asked the same of Rogue with Hope. Hope trusts her. And since she's not talking to Scott . . he wants someone with her that he can trust. There are many pieces to this puzzle presented here. But we still don't have any clearer picture of what the future holds. There's only 4 more chapters left in this story-line . . about 6 or 7 more books. So hopefully things should start looking up for the X-Men here . . pretty soon. As always Matt Fraction did a tremendous job with the story. I think he's got a great handle on these character . . and this title. And Terry Dodson turns in another terrific pencilling job. I'm really enjoying this book. It finally feels like things are coming to a head.

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