Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Supergirl #53 - DC

In this issue we catch Supergirl in the aftermath, or fallout of the War of the Supermen. It's been about 6 weeks since the war's been over, and the super-hero community is still trying to do what it can in the aid of the world and it's rebuilding. But they can't help rebuild Kara's confidence and the nightmares that keep running through her head every night. She dreaming about Superwoman and project 7734. And she's still feeling guilty about all the people that perished when New Krypton exploded. So . . she's made a decision. She's putting Kara and Supergirl behind her. From now on she's going to be Linda Lang . . full-time. She even adopts a secret identity of sorts where she pulls her hair back and wears glasses. Kind of like Clark. Even when something crash lands in the city, Kara . . er, sorry . . Linda decides that it's more important to get Lana the medical help she needs than to assist the JLA members that have arrived at the scene. Actually, it's just Doctor Light and Gangbuster. And that's only because whatever crashed here went straight through her lab before landing in Centennial Park. Dr Hoshi and Delgado are already working on some weird stuff . . they're experimenting on Superwoman trying to remove all of the alien DNA that her father infused her with. So when they come upon the crater, and it's frozen surroundings . . it's hard to be more surprised. But they are surprised when they go further down into the hole to find a Bizarro-Supergirl. Really? I didn't even know there was one. I have a feeling that this story is in for some strange turns. Sterling Gates writes it, with Jamal Igle doing the art. Overall I thought it was a good book, and a nice opening chapter into the next stage of Linda's life.

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