Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the Spirit #3 - DC

Somehow I completely missed this book a couple of weeks ago. I didn't miss it on the shelves. I picked it up when it came out. But somehow in my pile of books it got mixed up and I didn't get it into my blog. So, for any Spirit fans out there . . I'm sorry. Sorry for not posting it. And sorry that I'm getting bored with the book, again . . already. Don't get me wrong. I think that Mark Schultz is doing a pretty good job with the stories. I liked this whole Angel Smerti, the European assassin thing during this story-arc. And I think that Moritat's art is perfect for this series. It's kind of 'retro' and 'new', all at the same time. I think it gives a good feel to the book. No, I think that my problem is just with the whole Spirit character in general. I just think he's kind of boring. Even in this fight with Angel, the Spirit doesn't beat her with his fists, or even with his head. Instead . . he beats her with his heart. And even that, he did by accident. Angel has captured him and plans on delivering him to the Octopus. But on the way the Spirit keeps provoking her. 'You don't make mistakes like that. You've had many chances. You don't want to finish me. Or, at least, the little girl who grew up in rough times doesn't want to finish me.' Which really seems to get to her. When they get to the drop off point, she decides to kiss him before dumping him off. The problem is . . there's a connection. She senses something in him . .'You . . your kiss! There is no . . corruption in you . . never in my life . . what kind of man . . there is no . .' And then her heart has changed. She decides to let the Spirit go, and try to help him escape . . even if it means her own death. 'You told me you had to die to find yourself. Maybe I need to find myself, too.' So . . while it was interesting. It just didn't 'do it' for me. But I do like this New Wave angle, so . . I'll probably continue buying it. At least for a little while. I enjoyed the back-up story by Michael Uslan, FJ DeSanto and Justiniano. But the best part about the whole thing was Justiniano's art. It looked amazing in black & white. Like I said . . it's an ok book. I guess it just doesn't' thrill me.

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