Friday, June 18, 2010

X-Men: Hellbound #2 - Marvel

Things seem to have gone from bad to worse for our band of X-Men that have invaded Limbo. When Bastion attacked the X-Men, there was something that he shot at Illyana that allowed Limbo to reach across the dimensions and grab here. So . . the X-Men have set about trying to retrieve her. The team is led by Sam and includes, Anole, Northstar, Dazzler, Pixie, Trance, and Remy. The first problem they face is that something has changed here. And it keeps changing. The landscape and horizon seem to alter at a whim. The X-Men are completely disoriented, as it seems to be working to the advantage of Limbo's residents. Secondly, time seems to have gone loopy. Anole is away from Sam for about 20 minutes, but to him . . it feels like days. Next, Remy has switched to his alter-ego . . Death. And he seems to be intent on taking over this realm. He starts out with a few demons that come across his path, but by the end of the issue he's got Northstar and Dazzler under his control. And he's about to confront Sam and Anole. Also Trance can't seem to hold her corporeal self together in this realm. She's having trouble hanging on, but . . she really wants to be there for Pixie. Unfortunately, she finally loses it and returns to the X-Men, but not before she witnesses Pixie being confronted by N'Astirh . . Illyana's demon. He acts like he wants to help Pixie . . to help them find Illyana, and get Pixie back the piece of her soul that Illyana stole. But, we then find out that his play is for Pixie to kill Illyana. And it looks like Pixie just might try to do it. I'm enjoying Chris Yost's story on this series. I loved when Pixie says, 'It's always about Illyana. She's more important than anybody.' Unfortunately it's only 3 issues long. So things will be wrapping up next issue. I also think Harvey Tolibao and Tom Raney are doing a bang-up job with the art. This is an interesting story. I can't wait to see what happens with Remy and Dazzler. And Illyana too. Of course.

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