Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Madame Xanadu #24 - Vertigo

Well this next chapter in Madame Xanadu's saga is called Extra-Sensory. Madame Xanadu's story has moved up to the 60's . . 1963 Harlem, to be specific. And it appears that she's going to be coming across some some people with extra-ordinary skills. This issue there's a young woman in Harlem who one day, all of the sudden, starts to see how people are going to die. Actually, what she sees at first, she can't explain. There are people with maiming, stabbings, and all manner of bloodied messes. She's freaked out at at first, until she realizes that she's the only one seeing them. Finally, one day, she decides to follow one of her visual victims. She sees him in the crowd and follows him until she sees him walk out into the street . . right in front of a moving bus. His body ends up mangled in the same manner that she first saw it. Anyways, one thing leads to another, and she ends up going to see Madame Xanadu. She tells her that she's seeing visions of the future and that they're warnings of some sort. There's something coming up that she'll be able to fix but she wouldn't have known without these visions. As it turns out she ends up saving her mother and sister when she comes homes and envisions them burnt up. She finally talks them into leaving the house for a couple of days, and when she returns . . she finds the apartment building on fire. I'm sure this will all be building towards something. I just don't know what it is yet. Next issue it looks like the story has something to do with the sense of hearing. It seems that as Madame Xanadu's story progress', she runs into more and more of the characters in the DC Universe. Now that she's in the 60's, she should be running in to all kinds of them. I wonder if that will have any impact on how this story moves along. Anyways, I thought it was another good issue by Matt Wagner, with Marley Zarcone doing the art this issue. Also, a cool cover by Mark Buckingham.

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