Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the Authority - the Lost Year #9 - WildStorm

Ok . . this issue was kind of goofy. Even for me. The Authority from this alternate dimension, and the villains they were preparing to fight . . the League of Nasty Bastards . . were all a little . . cartoonish. But, I guess . . that was the point, really. Basically the Authority landing in a dimension of . . buffoons. But it was funny when, at the end of the last issue. the LNB show up, ready to fight their nemesis, and . . there's 2 of everyone. They certainly weren't prepared for that. Which is when, at the beginning of this issue, their leader Emperor Maximus steps up and says, 'Time Out!' Basically . . he wants to walk away . . to fight another day. And who can blame him? He came looking for their normal squabble, and instead he's faced with overwhelming odds. Anyways, they go back and forth. There's some hitting and punching. And you don't even want to know how the Dung Beetle gets his powers. But the Authority decide that they've had enough. They don't really care where they go from here. They just want to get off this world. They'd rather go back into the Bleed and face the unknown, than to spend another moment here. Which, eventually, they do. Keith Giffen and JM DeMatteis write this. It really showcased their goofy style. Sorry . . I don't mean that to be negative. It was funny. In spots. Together, they just really seem to go over the top. It really kind of seemed like a comic from the 70's . . dialogue and all. Except for the part where the 'bad-guys' just want to call off the fight. I thought that was kind of a unique twist. Rather than just fighting . . everybody jumping into a big slug-fest . . someone actually stops to assess the situation, and react accordingly. What a unique concept. Anyways, it was ok. A little much for me, but . . entertaining. JJ Kirby and Michael Lopez do the art. I just hope that next issue is a little more . . serious.

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