Friday, June 18, 2010

Booster Gold #33 - DC

First of all . . I just want to say . . I think there's more to this little girl that Booster brought back from the future, Rani, than anyone even suspects. There's nothing really pointing in that direction that would indicate that there's a problem, but . . I just want to put it out there that I think she's going to end up being at the center of . . well, something. I don't know what, but . . I think something is going to happen in a future story that will put her at the center of the problem. Or maybe the solution. But there's more to this little girl than we've seen . . so far. Anyways, most of this issue is spent with Michael going back to the days of the JLI to find some piece of evidence that he can bring back with him that will show that Max Lord is a real person. Right now, as seen in the Generation Lost mini series, Max has convinced the world that he never existed. No one can remember him, or even know who he is. Except for . . Michael, Fire, Ice and Captain Atom. And Max has discredited the other 3, so . . it's kind of in Michael's hands to try and sort this all out. The irony being . . Max didn't mess with Michael because, well . . he didn't really think he was worth the effort. He figured that with all of his previous actions, Michael has pretty much discredited himself. But Max doesn't know that Booster is in league with Rip Hunter now, so . . I think that'll be his mistake. Anyways, he goes back and gets a tape of Max and the JLI when they gained International status on the steps of the UN. The problem is, this videotape was Max's recruiting tool. So it played a large part in the formation of the JLI. And makes it important . . 'It's part of the chain. You should know by now that you can't take any artifacts that had a direct bearing on past events. You want this thing to work, you've gotta find a link that fell off the chain.' And I hate to say this, but . . if anyone can figure this out . . it's going to be Booster. If he's not good at anything else, he's a master at thinking outside of the box. I thought Keith Giffen and JM DeMatteis did a great job with this story. You have to admit . . they make a great team. And Chris Batista did a good job with the art. He really gave the part of the story about the JLI a feel similar to the old book. It was a bit nostalgic. I really like this book, and Michael's character. And I really think we're just seeing the beginning of some great stuff for him.

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