Sunday, June 27, 2010

the Amazing Spider-man #633 - Marvel

This issue finally wraps up the SHED story-line, but . . I don't know if you could say that things are wrapped up, or not. Peter had gone to Curt's lab last issue and picked up some of the chemical that Curt was using to help keep himself in check. I assumed that Peter would be giving it to Curt, to try to change him back. But really . . he takes it himself. Which makes sense, because . . he had to find some way to stop Curt from affecting his brain. Anyways, when Curt captures him, we find out that he didn't swallow it all, and he spits the rest of it into Curt's mouth. I'm not sure if it's that chemical, or the 2 syringes he sticks in his back, but Peter seems to be getting through to him. Or . . it could be the picture that he keeps showing him of his son, Billy. Anyways, it seems that Curt is too far gone this time to switch back into his human form. But, between the chemicals and the memories that Billy's picture seems to be stirring up, he decides to let go of the humans 'monkey-brain'. He doesn't become human, but . . he calms down enough to make an epiphany. 'I have pictures in my head. Why the pictures make me feel weak? Is this . . is this what it is to be a mammal? You . . you mammals . . you made all this. Didn't you? All of this . . I could not see this before I took Connor's brain . . only knew what was danger . . or what was prey. Only knew to run or to bite. But there is more, yes? Much, much more. I do not belong here.' And with that . . he takes off. He's gone . . but not forgotten. He appears to be living in the sewers. And some of the humans that he'd affected, even though he took back his control, have come looking for him. 'They are curious creatures, these lizards in monkey suits. They should make good pets.' So it appears that the 2 brains have merged, but this time with the Lizard's in control. That's kind of scary. Also, Peter makes an attempt to contact May this issue. She kind of been pushing him away, since Mr Negative is controlling her. But she has enough strength this issue to push through the cloud and be there to comfort Peter. But who knows how long it'll last. I thought this was a great story-arc by Zeb Wells and Chris Bachalo. Emma Rios does a few pages of the art also, but really . . it's all Chris' story. And in the next issue, also out this week, we finally move on to the Grim Hunt story-line. Where the Kraven's finally make their move on Peter . . or, er . . Spider-man. It's by Joe Kelly, Michael Lark and Stefano Gaudiano. It should be a classic in the making.

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