Friday, June 18, 2010

Justice League: Generation Lost #3 - DC

Whether you realize it or not, this book is a 'team-book'. And the team consists of Captain Atom, Fire, Ice and Booster Gold. Although right now they're all fighting for their lives as things are spiraling out of control. Basically, they're reacting to the events that Max Lord has put them into. So things are going to keep spiraling downward until they stop, come up with a plan, and take the initiative to strike back. I think that's kind of what this issue is about. Booster, Captain Atom and Ice have responded to an emergency signal from an old JLI device . . Ted Kord's JLI device. Which is confusing until they realize it's coming from Jaime Reyes, the new Blue Beetle. They find him and his family being attacked by a host of OMACs. It isn't until he starts to use his head, and asks the Scarab how to beat these guys, that they gain any ground. It turns out magnetism is the key. Anyways, it causes them to retreat into some type of vortex . . which Booster convinces them that they need to follow. They do, and . . they end up in Russia. However, before being attacked by the Rocket Reds, on the final page, our group takes a little breather and tries to catch up on the events that lead them here. When they start telling Jaime about how Max is manipulating them, they find out that the Scarab also knows who he is. Max's mind wipe only worked on sentient humans, not on sentient machines . . such as Skeets, and the Scarab. But they also find out that they're still being set up. The signal they received didn't actually come from Jaime. 'Oh . . so that's what that was. Just before the OMAC's attacked, some transmission was trying to hack into my armor. The Scarab was trying to run a trace when, well, it bounced off of me. It used the suit as a hoping point. Like scrambling a signal over a few satellites. I'm sorry but I didn't signal you guys. Ya got hosed.' Which leads then into the confrontation with their former team-mate. 'Are all your former team-mates trying to kill you?', asks Jaime. To which Adam replies, ' I hope not. We had a pretty big team.' I think Judd Winick is doing a great job with this story. I still maintain that he does a terrific job with team books. He has a way of focusing on all of them, and not letting anyone get lost in the minutia of the story. As can often happen. Keith Giffen and Fernando Dagnino do the art. With great covers by Tony Harris and Kevin Maguire. I think this is going to turn out to be a great mini-series, without having the 'campiness' of the original JLI. While it was endearing to that series, it was also annoying . . at times. Anyways, I'm really looking forward to seeing where this all goes.

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