Sunday, June 27, 2010

the Amazing Spider-man #634 - Marvel

Joe Kelly is bringing us a pretty cool story here. But first, check out that amazing cover by Mike Fyles. I've never seen the guys work before, but apparently he'll be doing the covers on this story-arc. To me, the cover looks more like that of a novel, or paperback . . or something. Anyways, this issue marks the beginning of the Grim Hunt story-line. In it the Kravens, Ana and her mother Sasha . . as well as Vladimir's brother Alyosha . . have been brought together to finally avenge Vladimir's death. At least, we assume that's why they've set out on this endeavor. Ana is actually the organizer of this little family reunion, and she's not really talking about her motivations. Anyways, they've already captured Madame Web, as well as Mattie Franklin . . a former Spider-woman. They've also started out with the lesser-known Spider-affiliates in Julia Carpenter, Arachne, and Kaine. Which is actually how Peter is alerted to what's going on . . a bloodied Kaine comes pounding on his door to warn him. Anyways, the rest of the issue spent with Spider-man and Arachne fighting the Kravens across Manhattan. Also, during all of this Ezekiel shows up. But he looks like death warmed over. And in the end, the Kraven's perform a sacrifice with Mattie as their victim. It appears that somehow the sacrifice of the spider is meant to bring Ana's father back. Maddie's blood resurrects him, but . . he's not really completely himself yet. 'We confirmed what I suspected . . it must be him. To bring my beloved back from the dead . . we will need the blood of the Spyder . . the one true Spyder.' I thought it was a great beginning to the story-line, and I can't wait to see where we go from here. Michael Lark and Stefano Gaudiano provide the interior art. In the back-up, we get an untold tale of Kraven. It's by JM DeMatteis and Max Fiumara. It shows Kraven on a hunt, but still sticking to his principles. It's also shows how he crossed paths with Mr Denton. And also how Kaine was first put on his trail. And finally in the back we get a 2-page story. It's chapter 1 of 12 chapters. In it we have 2 villains named Brain and Bull. To escape their pursuers the Brain has invented something . . 'A digitized algorithmic nano-collider that'll allow us to escape into the dimension of comics.' Yes, at the end of the story, to get away from some men that are after them . . they jump into a Spider-man comic. It's by Stan Lee and Marcos Martin. All in all, I thought it was a decent book. It's hard to judge, since it's just the first chapter . . of all 3 stories. But it looks to be a very entertaining ride. Plus we'll finally put together all the pieces that have been building from Gauntlet and Shed, as well as other story-arcs. And maybe in the near future Peter will finally get a chance to move on with MJ. Maybe?

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