Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Secret Avengers #2 - Marvel

I don't really want to say anything negative about this series . . I do think it's a good idea, and I like it's initial inception. My problem is . . and it really is my problem . . as I'm reading this book, I'm comparing it to the Dark Avengers. I guess mostly because it kind of feels the same . . the same kind of vibe . . minus the criminals, and all. But, I think it also feels that way because of Mike Deodato doing the art on both. And what becomes the problem for me is that the Dark Avengers were much more exciting, and cutting edge. Well, I don't know if 'cutting edge' is the right term, but . . it did have more intrigue and gave us a different way of looking at the whole super-hero, and super-team paradigm. But, like I said, it's probably just me and after reading a few issues, and getting in to Ed Brubaker's story, I'm sure it'll develop a feel all it's own. I am glad that Maria Hill is still around . . actually playing a pretty big role in everything. I thought she had become a great character, during the whole Norman Osborn occupancy . . plus her role with Tony Stark over in Invincible Iron Man. I'm glad to see that she's going to be utilized for more than just a supporting character. Anyways, The team is kind of split in two this issue . . part of them investigating Nova's disappearance on Mars, while looking into this whole Serpent's Crown thing . . the Crown of Tentacles . . while Sharon Carter is investigating how the Crown was stole from right under their noses. She's actually taking the whole thing kind of personally. Plus I'm sure that Nick Fury is going to pop up on one side or the other of this. He's seems involved . . somehow. Anyways, I like it so far. And it definitely has an exciting, cliff-hanger, ending when we see that Nova is now being controlled by the Crown. By the way, not that it makes much difference, but Mike Deodato Jr isn't doing the art entirely alone. Will Conrad is also helping him. Although I'm not sure in what capacity. But so far . . I think it's a good start. And any problems it has, I'm sure, are just in my head.

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