Sunday, June 27, 2010

DC Universe: Legacies #2 - DC

I like the way this story is set up. Basically we're seeing the rise of the 'Heroic Age' from one person's point of view . . Paul Lincoln. I'm not sure why his perspective is so important, but . . it's interesting that they're showing all of these heroes not so much from the stories and exploits that they go through every day . . but rather from a 'man on the street' perspective. He started out last issue as a boy hearing rumors about masked vigilantes. As he grew older the Justice Society exploded on the scene. And from them . . a whole plethora of masked heroes. This issue the only one's that he actually comes face to face with are the Newsboy Legion, and the Guardian. Other than that, he just reads a lot of newspapers, and listens to a lot of stories. Meanwhile his friend Jimmy, whom he started out with as a rascal last issue, has taken a different path. He's decided he wanted the life of easy money and fast riches. So he hooked up with Vandal Savage when they put together the Injustice Gang. Of course they were eventually defeated, which has left Jimmy running for his life. He tries to get some help from Paul, and his sister Peggy, but . . he's to far down the wrong path for them to be able to do anything to truly help him. Anyways, Paul graduates High School, Peggy's become his girlfriend, and the 'Cold-War' has started to heat up. This is about the time when the Justice Society has been called in front of Congress and have been asked to reveal their identities to show their patriotism. They refuse . . and then disappear from the lime-light. It's a cold day in Paul's heart when that happens. Like I said, I think it's interesting to see Paul's life as it runs congurently with the rise of the Golden Age. It's interesting to see just how much of an impact these people can have on a person without ever really having come into direct contact with them. I thought Len Wein did a good job with the story. And it was interesting to see Andy and Joe Kubert working together on the art on this one. They also do the cover, with JH Williams III doing the alternate one. Len and JH also do the back-up story about the Seven Soldiers of Victory. It was interesting. A bit corny. But . . it had to look and feel of a story from the 40's or 50's. It just wasn't all that complicated. Rather nostalgic . . really. Overall, I thought it was a good book. And an interesting series.

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