Friday, June 18, 2010

Gen13 #36 - WildStorm

I'm kind of on the fence about this book right now. While the rest of the WildStorm Universe if off trying to do something . . I'm not sure what . . but something to try to bring their world back together, the Gen13 misfits are basically out wandering the wasteland. But I will say that I'm thrilled that Phil Hester has taken over the scripts on the book, and I think Cruddie Torian is a great addition as the resident artist. It just seems like there's not a lot of direction here, right now. Our little montage of Gen13's and Gen14's have recently hooked up with a caravan on their way across the country in search of the hidden city. It's supposed to be a city that's been untouched by the ravages of the world. Anyways, on their way they're attacked and captured by a cult of sentient robots. They hate all flesh and want to kill them. But . . Lance has a plan. He's one of the Gen14's. He absorbs things, as well as their physical properties. He thinks that if he touches the robots he'll be able to absorb their essence becoming a man/machine, replaced their old leader Spartan. It works, and with his resurrection as a machine, they view him as their new god. His first decree is to let the humans go and spread his seed. But he'll be staying behind. Anyways, we also find out that Kaizen Gamorra's son is also wandering these lands. He's trying to build an army so that he can become the new ruler of the world. And he's doing it one child at a time. Basically, he raids camps or towns, steals the children and kills off everyone else. But he runs into the caravan and tries to get information form them about the hidden city. He ends up fighting Caitlan for their release, but then plants a mole among their people as they leave. He's convinced that they'll lead him to the hidden city. All in all . . it's ok. But other than this search for the city, they don't really have any direction. It's really just been a bunch of adventures and encounters thrown together with this quest being the string that binds them all together. And a rather thin string at that. They don't even have any idea if this city really exists or what they'll even find when they get there. To me, the best thing this book has going for it is that it's different from the other 'super-hero' stuff out there. So that's a plus. It is a pleasant distraction.

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