Friday, June 18, 2010

Doc Savage #3 - DC

I know that this is an in-between issue on this story-line . . an issue that falls roughly in the middle of the action. So while it wants to progress the story, it really can't give away to much information because it's still trying to leave the reader a bit in the dark. So unfortunately, some of the stuff that happens doesn't serve to create a clear picture . . at least, not yet. What we know so far is that someone, for some reason, is targeting everything, and everyone, associated with Doc Savage. At the end of last issue we see him jump out of a building, but in the beginning of this issue he lands on a dirigible. In fact most of this issue is spent with Clark flying on one dirigible in pursuit of Monk's captors, also in a dirigible. You'd think that they'd think of something much faster to use as a getaway vehicle. But . . it definitely wouldn't be as dramatic. Anyways, we still don't know why they captured Monk, but . . we do find out that it has something to do with him being a genius in chemistry. Anyways, we do see that this whole thing seems to be originating from the inside of the Savage Institute for Criminal Rehabilitation. But . . I think the zoo may have been taken over by the inmates. And there's something to do with some guy who's basically murdering everybody aboard a cruise-ship. He's somehow connected to all of this, but . . we don't know how or why . . yet. The issue ends with Clark crash-landing his dirigible into the river . . in front of what looks to be some huge flying vessel. Clark jumps on board as he's jumping off, and finds Shaw in the midst of some soldiers. He thinks he going to save him, only to find out that he's actually a coconspirator. The issue ends with him ordering the soldiers to shoot Clark . . in the head. Yes it's interesting, and action packed. And as usual we're left with a cliff-hanger ending. But I still just kind of felt indifferent about it. I wasn't overly excited, but . . I didn't hate it either. It's written by Paul Malmont, with art by Howard Porter. I don't know. I guess I'll just have to wait until the next issue to see if it gets any more intriguing. I really hope so.

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