Friday, June 18, 2010

Sam and Twitch: the Writer #3 - Image

This book is really flying by. We're on issue #3 now, and we still don't know who this 'writer' is. But I have to say that I really enjoy the inclusion of Garland's character. She provides a good mix with Sam and Twitch and their usual witty repertoire. Anyways, Twitch finds Sam in the meat cooler this issue. Luckily he's in time to save him. But he's surprised to find Woodwin dead, hanging out with the carcasses. There's one suspect down. But Twitch keeps revisiting the Church. There's just something about Ramon's death that doesn't seem to add up right. Plus everybody who knew him . . everybody he's questioned, they all seem like they're leaving something out of their stories. But he hasn't been able to figure out just what it is. However, it does lead him to Jacob as the prime suspect. This day he didn't show up for work. When Twitch goes to his apartment to question him, there's a gunfight, but . . Twitch can tell by his actions that he's not the man they're looking for. However Frank, the editor, does think he knows who the 'writer' is. He was given a manuscript several months ago, obviously under a pseudonym . . Arthur Conan Simenon . . that is remarkably close to the story that the 'writer' seems to be telling. It's called the Mary H Case. He doesn't know the guys real name, but . . he does have a return address. But before going to confront him he burns the manuscript, as he thinks it's the original and probably the only copy. 'He's already started to get what he wants. And when this is all said and done every studio in Hollywood is gonna be optioning the right to the 'Mary H Case'. Somebody is gonna buy it. And somebody else is going to do all they can to get it in every book store from here to San Diego.' As he's burning it he tells Violet, 'We are the only 2 people who know where to find the 'writer'. And all I want to do is make sure that no one can read his damn story. And that he can't tell it anymore.' Unfortunately . . Frank goes to the guys apartment alone. He starts to confront him, but . . he's startled when he discovers that he already has his next victim. I just hope that Violet had the foresight to call Twitch. I know Frank didn't want her to, but hopefully she knows better. I wasn't sure how this was going to turn out. I don't even know who Luca Blengino and Luca Erbetta are . . let alone having seen any of their work. So I didn't really know what to expect. But I have to say . . I've been very pleasantly surprised. I think they've been doing a great job with the story, and I like the way that they're handling Sam and Twitch's characters. I'm counting on a nice twist in the ending next issue, and . . hopefully we'll get another mini like this sometime in the near future. If it was an experiment, I'd say that it was a great success.

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